Our History

Deborah is the 3rd generation of the family business known as The Frame Shop and was literally born into the business! From humble beginnings working out of the backyard shed to the current location in a 2000sf historic building, "the shop" as we call it has grown into a fixture of the community.

Jackie and Frank started working with Jackie's dad, Bunks, on a part-time basis in 1963 when Frank was taking art classes and there was nowhere to purchase picture frames for his artwork. The venture grew and became a full-time frame shop in the late 1970s. Jackie and Frank went out on a limb and purchased the current location/building in 1980.

Their activism in the community at that time helped develop our downtown district back into a shopping mecca, and Jackie was instrumental in the development of our Historic District and our Main Street designation. We are very proud of the history of our area and are thrilled to carry on the family tradition of owning our small business on Front Street.

We are constantly learning and looking for the latest trends and materials in order to provide the best product to our customers. Deborah has passed rigorous testing to earn her Certified Picture Framer designation from the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association).

We often say that as framers, we don't just put together 4 sticks of moulding. Proper framing is a science as well as a talent. With all of the modern technologies, framers almost have to be chemists to determine the best methods for framing certain pieces; whether it needs an alkaline environment, or is it a protein or animal-based item that will negatively react to the typical "acid-free" buffered products. There are many considerations in determining how to properly frame your artwork, certificate, or memorabilia. Our mantra is the same as the doctor's, first do no harm.

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